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Why Airport Baggage Security Scanner ?

It can automatically detect the foreign matter (metal, stone, glass, plastic) in food which cannot be seen by naked eye.Bone, etc.) and the internal defects of the product (Void, cracks) device, with the basic function of automatic detection of foreign bodies, can also detect the packaging products left behind and defective products.

What do Airport Baggage Security Scanner See ?

X-Ray Baggage Scanners are explicit enough to pick up detailed images of your luggage contents, which is why so many of us wonder “what do airport baggage scanners detect?” They can detect metallic and non-metallic objects, including most organic materials. That means you might not get away with smuggling banned foods in your suitcases.

X-Ray Baggage Scanner Machines rely on X-rays to see through the surface of your luggage to achieve detailed images of the items inside it. Security officers can calculate how dense each object is, which gives them the information they need to spot contraband. They might not be able to work out what every item in your luggage is, but if suspicious items are detected, you may be bag searched. It’s advisable to mind the rules about any banned items in carry-on and hold luggage.

What are the Features ?
  • ◪ High Quality Parts: American SPELLMAN ray source, Japan, HAMMATSU detector, German INTERROLL roller.

  •  Energy-saving design: The machine can automatically sense objects, with luggage on the machine to start running, without luggage, the machine is stationary.

  • ◪  One-button shutdown control: Just turn the key once when shutting down, the device will automatically shut down safely, reducing equipment failure.

  • ◪  Eco-friendly design: The lead curtain has a protective film to prevent guests from touching the lead with their hands.

  •  Dynamic screen switching: The screen can be switched when it is still, and it can be switched freely when it is dynamic.

  • ◪  Alarm method: When the conditions are met, sound and warning light signals are issued.

  • ◪  Mass storage: Pictures are directly stored in the hard disk, the storage quantity is more than 1 million, and can be directly called for viewing.

What are the Main Technical Parameters ?

X-ray Generator
Ray beam directionBottom-illuminated
Tube current0.4~1.2mA(adjustable)
Tube voltage100--160 KV(adjustable)
Beam divergence angle80°
Cooling / duty cycleSealed oil-cooled/100%

Main Parameters
Tunnel size (W*H)500*300mm / 600*400mm / 650*500mm / 800*650mm / 1000*800mm / 1000*1000mm (optional or specified)
Conveyor speed0.22m/s
Conveyor belt rated load180 kg
Spatial resolutionHorizontal: 1.0mm diameter Vertical: 1.0mm diameter
Penetrating resolution0.160 mm metal wire
PenetrationNG-708: 12mm Steel plate NG-708H: 43 mm Steel plate
Film securitySafe to ISO1600 film
Single check dose<1.9µGy
Leak dose<0.11µGy/h
Working temperature / humidity0℃~45℃/20%~95% (Non-condensing)
Storage temperature / humidity-20℃~60℃/20%~95% (Non-condensing)
Leakage current0.1mA
Insulation resistance500MΩ
Operating Voltage220VAC(±10%) 50±3HZ
Power loss0.5KW(Max)
Noise level<53dB

Image Processing System
X-ray sensorL-shaped photodiode array detector multiple energy, 12bit depth
MonitorHigh-resolution 19-inch LCD monitor (dual monitor screen
Color image display24-bit true color display according to material material
Edge enhancementObject contour edges are sharper
Super image enhancementClearer image details
High penetration displayIncrease the contrast of the bright areas in the image, making the areas that are easy to penetrate clearer
Low penetration displayImprove the contrast of dark areas in the image and make hard-to-penetrate areas clearer
MagnifierLocal zoom function, real-time dynamic zoom
Brighten / DarkenBrighten / Darken the Image
Pull back / forwardDisplay the first 20 images and do any image processing on the images
Image restorationImage display returns to its original state
Image storageAny image can be saved in real time, and any image can be processed. It can be saved continuously.
Multi-energy colorOrganics are shown in orange, inorganics are shown in blue, and mixtures are shown in green
High energy / low energyTwo energy switching displays
Drug explosives detectionMore auxiliary detection of some typical drugs and explosives and other dangerous items

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    NEWGOER is committed to provide comprehensive and best-fit airport security scanning solutions to our customer to enhance both the airport security and the passenger experience.
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    X-ray baggage scanners have been a staple of modern security for at least the last 20 or 30 years, whether they’ve been helping to bust smuggling rings or foil terror plots. As organizations and their operations increase in profile and scale, there is a greater need for better security solutions to protect more people. And even organizations that aren’t big or don’t deal with many people may be involved in sensitive enough activities that having security equipment to scan baggage would be a worthwhile investment.
    If your organization is in this latter position, you may be a little lost as to where to start. Who are the leading X-ray baggage scanner manufacturers you’d want to buy from? What style of scanner do you need? What technology or other specifications does it have to have? And how much will it cost? We’ll do our best to answer these questions as we give you some guidance on how to find an X-ray scanner that suits your needs.


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