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What is Free Fall Metal Separator?

The Free Fall Metal Separator is used for the inspection of bulk materials in free-fall conveyor pipes. It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, ...) - even if such contaminations are embedded in the product. Metal contaminations are rejected by means of a swivel hopper.

Vertical Fall is a gravity fed / throat metal detector system designed for inspecting bulk, powders and granules.  It is ideal for checking early in the production process to detect metal before the product moves down the line, minimising the potential cost of wastage and protecting other processing equipment.

Where is Metal Detector Applied ?

The metal separator is suitable for detecting powder and bulk products, such as rice, flour, beans, cereals, peanuts, grains, corn, sugar, confectionery, chemicals, nuts, powder and bulk goods.

What Hazards of Metal Impurities ?

  • Damage the screw, block the nozzle, mold runner (hot runner)

  • Metal scratches the mold, increasing the maintenance burden

  • Scratch the surface of the finished product and affect the product quality

  • Increase the pressure of the hot runner and cause the plastic flow to block

  • The finished product contains metal, causing short circuit and non-insulation

What are the Features ?
  • ◪  Vibration screen feed: Evenly feeding without clogging, high separation quality

  •  Fast Detection: Can quickly separate all kinds of metals such as steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc

  • ◪  High Sensitivity: Metal particles as small as 0.2 mm or long wire can also be separated

  • ◪  Easy to Use and Install: Directly installed on the production equipment (such as injection molding machine), can be multiple protection, to avoid metal particles damage equipment

What are the Main Technical Parameters ?

Inside DiameterΦ25mmΦ35mmΦ50mmΦ75mmΦ100mm
Throughput (KG/H)250300-400700-8001000-15002000-2500
Vibrating ScreenInstalled Vibration Screen to avoid the machine is blocked by materials
Detect MethodElectromagnetic Wave Detection Technology
Alarm ModeSound and Light Alarm with Auto Rejection
Protection GradeIP65
Working Temp-10 ~ + 80℃
Discharge Time0.3-5S
Compressed Air3~5 Bar
Output TerminalCount Signals and Eliminate Signals
Frame MaterialsStainless Steel (or NG-80K Paint for Optional)
Optional / Customized Function
1Suction Feeder
2Above are standard models, other features can be customized
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    Free Fall Gravity Metal Detectors / Metal Separatprs are designed for use in free-falling applications to inspect a wide range of products including flour, rice, cereals, sugar, and powders or grains. Systems are available with a selection of pipe sizes and the Diverter Valve reject system is typically used to move contaminated product into a reject tank.
  • Video description
    Regardless of whether they come as pieces or powder, whether they are fine or coarse, bulk goods are found everywhere you look in the world of industry. Our metal detection systems for free-fall applications help you achieve the best results in quality assurance, the inspection of incoming goods and the protection of machinery, and they do so for the entire spectrum of hygiene requirements, from low to the very highest.
    Metal separators can be installed at various locations in a production and for multiple applications. The metal separators prevent damage to your processing machine, tooling and end-products.
    We offer customized metal detectors for your special need, rigorous quality standards ensure that we meet your specification each time, every time !


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