Universal Tensile Testing Machine


Tensile testing machine/tester, also known as a tensile tester, pull tester or universal testing machine (UTM). Tensile testing is very important to product performance and quality control; Tensile strength is the key measurement used by lab researchers, QC dept, inspection and production to evaluate the mechanical properties of a material, component or product.


A Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is a tester that is used for determining the various mechanical properties of materials, such as tensile strength, compression strength, 3PB / 4PB bending strength, peeling strength, tearing strength, shear strength, puncture and friction. It can meet a wide range of testing by changing different fixtures and grips.


Newgoer support special tailor-made service such as specialised requirements, special measured sample, as well as products which is hard to 'clamp' well and securely, we provide custom-made design service to develop suitable fixtures and clamps.


NEWGOER help you to work out best solution as per your products and test requirements !

There are two primary types of Universal Testing Machine: Electromechanical type and Hydraulic type. Electronic UTM use electric motor and the Hydraulic UTM use fluid-based mechanisms.

NEWGOER provide the solutions to perform widely standard-compliant tests for raw materials, components and finished products, not limited to metal, plastic polymer, rubber, textile, leather, cable and wire, adhesive etc.

How to select the most appropriate universal tensile tester for your testing requirements ?

-- For meeting different clients requirements and marketing needs, Newgoer design many different models of tensile tester, we support custom service as your special needs. By following steps, Newgoer can help you to select the most appropriate tensile testing machine for you.

NEWGOER Has helped thousands of clients set up their Labs with universal testing machine and many other test equipment. Outsourced testing services will produce high expensive cost. Our tensile testers achieve in-house testing easily, accurate and convenient with high cost-effective. 

NEWGOER dedicated to test & detect instrument industries, served for lots of clients to solve their test and research concerns. The test grips & fixtures are important to the universal tensile tester. Following are some our commonly grip & fixture for your reference, special needs accept custom service!

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