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What Is The Purpose Of Thermal Analysis Testing ?


Thermal analysis is the analysis of the relationship between temperature or heat and other physical and chemical properties. According to whether a thermal effect corresponds to the mass change, it is helpful to distinguish the physicochemical process corresponding to the thermal effect (such as distinguishing the melting peak, crystallization peak, phase transition peak and decomposition peak, oxidation peak, etc.). Knowing the current actual mass of the sample at the reaction temperature is beneficial to the accurate calculation of the enthalpy of reaction.


Thermal analysis is a general term that defines a technique used to analyze the time and temperature at which physical changes occur when the product undergo temperature change. At present, there are three most common thermal analyzers on the market:

DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimeters

TGA - Thermogravimetric Analyzers

DTA - Differential Thermal Analyzers


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Thermal analysis has gradually become an indispensable instrument in the fields of plastics, rubber, resins, coatings, food, drugs, biological organisms, inorganic materials, metal materials and composite materials and other fields.

There are many types of thermal analyzers, main types include differential thermal analyzers, thermogravimetric analyzers, simultaneous thermal analyzers, thermal conductivity analyzers. 

DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimeters: The measurement of the relationship between temperature and heat flow related to the internal thermal transition of materials has a wide range of applications, especially in the research and development of materials, performance testing and quality control. Material characteristics, such as glass transition temperature, cold crystallization, phase transition, melting, crystallization, product stability, curing/crosslinking, oxidation induction period, etc.

TGA - Thermogravimetric Analyzers: It can test the change of the mass of the tested sample during the heating process, and can analyze the temperature point of the change of material characteristics through the mass change curve, and the heat absorption or heat release in the change of physical properties to study the thermal characteristics of the sample.

DTA - Differential Thermal Analyzers: The tested sample and the reference sample are heated in the same environment at the same time, the temperature change of the tested sample is tested, and the temperature difference between the test sample and the reference sample is recorded, and the temperature difference curve is drawn to analyze the thermal performance of the tested sample.

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