Newgoer-706 Enhancing Food Safety: Metal Detectors for Food Industry

March 30, 2024
Newgoer-706 Enhancing Food Safety: Metal Detectors for Food Industry

Newgoer-706 Food Metal Detector 

food metal detector

Detecting Tunnel: With a width of 400mm and a height of 100mm, these metal detectors offer a customized solution suitable for various food products, including packaged goods and bulk items.

Belt Height from Ground: Customized at 670mm, the belt height ensures efficient product inspection while accommodating different production line setups.

Detecting Method: Utilizing electromagnetic wave technology, these detectors offer precise and reliable metal detection capabilities, ensuring optimal food safety.

Sensitivity: With a sensitivity of FeΦ0.5mm, these detectors can detect even the smallest metal contaminants, guaranteeing thorough inspection and adherence to strict safety standards.

Sensitivity Degree: Offering 100 degrees of sensitivity adjustment, these detectors can be fine-tuned to suit different product specifications and processing requirements.

food metal detector

Alarm Mode: Equipped with multiple alarm modes, including belt-down reject, flap reject, sound and light alarm, and belt-stop, these detectors provide versatile options for handling detected contaminants.

Conveyor Speed: Featuring a fixed speed of 20m/min or adjustable speed ranging from 15 to 30m/min, these detectors offer flexibility to match the pace of various production lines.

Product Memory: With the ability to store up to 12 products in memory, expandable to 100 products with optional upgrades, these detectors streamline setup and ensure consistent inspection parameters for different food items.

Input Power/Voltage: Operating on single-phase 220VAC or 110VAC with 200W power consumption, these detectors offer energy-efficient performance suitable for industrial settings.

Construction Material: Constructed with high-quality 304 stainless steel (316 stainless steel available), these detectors are durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean, maintaining hygienic standards in food processing environments.

Machine Weight: Weighing 140kg, these detectors are robust yet portable, facilitating easy installation and relocation as needed.

food metal detector

In conclusion, metal detectors tailored for the food industry offer a comprehensive solution for ensuring food safety and quality. With customizable features, advanced technology, and reliable performance, these detectors uphold the highest standards of safety and compliance in food processing facilities.

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