NG-706 Food Metal Detector for Sale: Ensuring Product Safety and Quality

March 08, 2024
NG-706 Food Metal Detector for Sale: Ensuring Product Safety and Quality

Applications of Newgoer Food Metal Detectors

food metal detector for sale

Nuts, Rice, and Tea Processing: Food security metal detectors are used to detect metal chips or foreign objects in nuts, rice, and tea. These contaminants can inadvertently find their way into the production process, posing risks to consumers.

Wood Processing Industry: Even in wo od processing, metal detection is essential. Detecting metal fragments ensures the safety of wood products used in various applications.

Chemicals, Rubber, and Plastics: Metal impurities can occur during the manufacturing of chemicals, rubber, and plastics. Metal detectors prevent these contaminants from reaching the final product.

Textiles and Leather: In textile and leather production, metal detection helps maintain product quality. Detecting metal fragments prevents damage to machinery and ensures safe end products.

Health Products and Pharmaceuticals: Metal detectors play a critical role in pharmaceuticals and health products. Detecting metallic impurities ensures the safety and efficacy of medicines and health supplements.

Cosmetics and Packaging: From cosmetics to gift packaging, metal detection ensures that no hidden metal fragments compromise product quality.

Key Features of Newgoer Food Metal Detectors

Stability and High Sensitivity: These detectors use mature phase adjustment technology to maintain stability and high sensitivity. Unlike LC analog circuits, they avoid issues like low stability and product suppression.

Auto-Setting Function: Food metal detectors quickly learn product characteristics and automatically adjust settings. This streamlines the setup process.

Phase Tracking and Product Tracking: New functions include phase tracking (maintaining sensitivity) and product tracking (adjusting for product variations). These enhance detection accuracy.

Auto-Balanced Calibration: Ensures the longevity of the machine by maintaining optimal performance over time.

User-Friendly Design: Features like automatic rewind, extensive product database storage, USB/Ethernet interfaces, and an intuitive Chinese-English touch screen make operation easy.

Easy to Clean: IP65-rated dust and waterproof construction allow thorough cleaning without compromising functionality.

Technical Specifications

Detecting Width: Customizable at 400 mm or 500 mm.

Detecting Height: Adjustable options from 80 mm to 350 mm.

Detecting Sensitivity:

Ferrous (Fe): 0.8 mm to 3.0 mm

Non-Ferrous: 1.2 mm to 4.0 mm

Stainless Steel: 1.5 mm to 5.0 mm

Display Screen: Choose between 4.3-inch and 7-inch screens.

Sensitivity Adjustment: Fine-tune sensitivity with 100 levels.

Detecting Adjustment: Intelligently adapts to product variations.

Belt Speed: Operates at 20 m/min (or specified).

Alarm Mode: Buzzer alarm triggers motor stop.

Power: Customizable AC22V, 50Hz.

NG-706 Food security metal detectors are indispensable tools for maintaining product integrity and consumer safety. Whether it’s detecting metal chips in nuts or ensuring pharmaceutical purity, these devices play a vital role in the food industry.

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